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Located in British Columbia (BC), Vancouver Island on Canada's incredible West Coast, is bursting with natural beauty and adventure, making it a perfect British Columbia vacation destination.

Conde Nast Traveler says: "Top North American Island" (8 years in a row). And... voted "One of the Top 12 Islands in the World."

We're Your BEST Travel Guides...

We're Susan and Graeme...22 YEARS HERE and counting!

As longtime residents, we're still enjoying tons of great Island adventures and we keep uncovering cool adventures, great places to stay, hidden beaches and more!

We've explored this Island - top to bottom, side to side - so we know firsthand where the awesome adventures are! BUT... we're still finding incredible tucked away gems!

Take a look at our Vancouver Island Map to see what we look like!

DID YOU KNOW... Tofino, on our western coast, is the WINNER of TripAdvisor's Best Beach in Canada 2011 Traveller's Choice Destination Award!

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Some of those most memorable adventures are off the "beaten path!" On our site, we'll tell you where to find:

  • Fantastic Hiking
  • Great Camping
  • Hot Fishing Spots
  • Top Golf Courses
  • Awesome Kayaking
  • Cozy Cabin Rentals
  • Our Best Beaches
  • Hidden Adventure Gems

Welcome to our site... The Web's #1 most comprehensive, easy guide to all things Vancouver Island.

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British Columbia Skiing: Vancouver Island's Mt. Washington
One of the best British Columbia skiing destinations - Vancouver Island! We've got two mountains offering powder and the most temperate climates in Canada!
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Vancouver Island Whale Watching Adventure
Everything you need to know about your Vancouver Island whale watching adventure. We tell you where to find the best whale watching tours and where to find the whales!
A Vancouver Island Long Beach Storm Watching Adventure
Try something wild. Come and experience a Vancouver Island Long beach storm watching adventure! We'll tell you why it's great and where to find oceanfront accommodation right in front of the storms!
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Make Vancouver Island your driving vacation destination
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